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Women and Allies Protest – Dec. 12th NYC

Women and Allies, a Facebook group, is staying a protest on December 12 in Union Square Park. Details below.

WE ARE GOING TO STRIKE, PROTEST, and BOYCOTT until we are heard.
Women and Allies:
(This includes but is not limited to: People of Color, LGBTQA/GNC, Immigrants, Disabled Persons, and any other marginalized communities, and allies).
-This means men are welcome to attend-
If you have felt targeted, threatened, triggered, afraid or embarrassed by the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election is encouraged to join us on December 12, as we STRIKE and BOYCOTT.On Monday December 12th, all of us should take the day off work to strike in our nearest cities. Contact Ann Hartman Massaro to volunteer as a city coordinator.

In addition, we will withhold all spending on December 12. Keep your dollars and save your pennies. Remind them how powerful we are by withholding ALL spending.
Donald Trump must cut ties with Steve Bannon, whose reckless racist and sexist ideals do not meet our standards for America.
In addition:
We demand the crusade against Roe vs Wade and Planned Parenthood cease. Instead, Congress and the President should focus on providing free or affordable birth control options for ALL Americans.We demand Donald Trump take a firm stance on sexual assault and rape. They are to provide funding enough to each state to process the backlog of rape kits.We will not tolerate being paid less or otherwise discriminated against because of our gender, our religion, or our identity.
We will not tolerate intolerance nor hate.
We will not remain silent.
We will be heard.We are powerful.
We WILL be heard.
If they still do not get it after the December 12 strike and boycott, we will repeat the process as often as is necessary.Please know- we are planning for Union Square park, but we would like to have protests going on in any other park in NYC. We want to march to Trump Tower.If you cannot take off of work that day, please know we’d appreciate for you to take your lunch break protesting with us! This will hopefully go on as long into the night as possible!

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