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When the rubber meets the road.

This might be a bit harsh, but I think it’s necessary.

I am in a community where, for the most part, we are like-minded when it comes to the recent election results and our feelings of utter fear and despair. We are worried about DJT’s cabinet picks, his communication with foreign leaders having little-to-know knowledge of the key issues, deportation of our friends and neighbors, the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act, LGBTQ rights, the rise of prejudice and xenophobia, women’s rights being taken away, etc., etc., etc. So what now?

Some of us have decided to organize and create committees who will focus on specific areas of interest (becoming a Sanctuary City, getting more involved with local politics, organizing unity events). That includes attending town council meetings, going to the Human Rights Commission’s meetings, meeting in our homes and at cafes to talk about next steps and how to retain some sense of control in a time when things seem completely out of control. THIS is what we need- ACTION!

It’s easy to say that you are scared of what’s to come and “Yeah, add me to that email list, I’ll sign that petition…” but when the rubber meets the road- what are you DOING? It’s not helpful to stay depressed, hunker down and hope that the next 4 years do not bring a total collapse of all that us progressive liberals have fought for since Bush. Complacency is a slippery slope, people, and the slope is oiled.

Go to a meeting, call your representatives, attend a march, talk to your children about politics, donate to an organization that is established at protecting people’s rights. Do something and tell us about it! Invite us! Let’s work together.

Note: Saw this video Mark Ruffulo did after I wrote this post. Obviously, I agree!



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