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Appeal to the Press- Less Trump Propaganda!

With all of the free press and propaganda distribution that Trump gets, Mark Pinsley- a member of the Action Together New Jersey Facebook Group- suggests that we contact the press directly to tell them they should cover more grass-roots efforts. He searched and posted a list of media outlets and specific writers who wrote about “Voter Suppression” and “Foreign Intervention” and is encouraging us all to write to these folks to give us all a voice. The list is here.

You can simply  cut and paste the email addresses into your TO: line or into your BCC: line (this way they don’t see each other) and write something like:

It is time that you stopped giving Trump the headlines and started giving the headlines to grass roots efforts that are trying to help our Republic. Your spotlight makes a huge difference, and I am tried of reading about the negative things that are happening and want to read about the positive things that are happening – regardless of how small. Here is an example petition of a group of people that are trying to bring a discussion of Voter Suppression and Foreign Intervention to the floor of the Joint Session on Jan 6th. Without the help of a major newspaper at least recognizing this, or similar efforts, it will be difficult. Try doing something positive and helping this effort.


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