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NJ 11th for Change Takes on Frelinghuysen in Philly

Thousands of protesters decided to crash the Republican retreat today  at the Loews hotel in Center City Philadelphia, including more than a dozen members from the group NJ 11th for change. While the group was taking on the issue at hand- protesting against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act- they were also there to send a message to our Congressmen, Rodney Frelinghuysen who was in Philly for the meeting.

For weeks each Friday, a group of citizens, including people from the groups NJ 11th for Change and Essex Rising has been going Frelinghuysen’s office to have their concerns and opinions logged with NO SIGN of Frelinghuysen. There has been a call to him to hold a town hall meeting, which has been promised but not scheduled! Also, the office staff is in no way equipped to convey his opinions, voting record or schedule which is both frustrating and unacceptable.

The next visit to his office will be this Friday starting at 11 and going all afternoon.

His NJ office address is: 30 Schuyler Pl # 2, Morristown, NJ 07960

Pictures below provided by NJ 11th for Change Steering Committee Member, Deb Caplan

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  1. Eileen Hogan says:

    We need to repeal and replace Rodney! He is a GOP rubber stamp who does not want to know what his constituents issues. He is a coward, hiding from us. He needs to be “FIRED” Let’s do it!


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