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West Orange Cares about Schools- Get More Involved!

From the one of the co-founders of West Orange Cares About Schools (WOCAS):

We know things have been, to say the least, hectic lately and that many people’s attention is being diverted to the national news, which is very important. And there are a great many people who have reached out to us to say that they want to become more active and more informed at the local level.

We think this is particularly important in light of Betty Devos becoming the new Education Secretary.

A great many pressing issues will be discussed in the coming months at the BOE meetings (i.e. administrative hiring, the ongoing contract negotiations with the WOSD staff, honors program, PARCC, re-registration of students, the renewal of the Superintendent’s contract, etc.). Thus, we feel that it is important that parents and community members increase their presence at BOE meetings in the coming months. It is our hope that more people will be more informed, and feel more comfortable asking questions of the Board of issues that concern the West Orange School District.

With that effort in mind, if you feel you can commit to coming to some Board of Education meetings or being more active by sending e-mails to BOE members, etc, we invite you to sign up for WhatsApp and then e-mail to either provide your cell phone or request the link from us. We will really only text the group when there is an upcoming BOE meeting or something that requires action.
(For example, the next BOE meeting is this Monday, February 13th.)

We want to engage as many as we can, if you know of someone interested in participating in our mission, to create a health learning environment for all students in West Orange.
Please encourage them to participate.

Thank you so much for being a part of West Orange Cares About Schools. Please feel free to contact us at should you have any questions.

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