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From Paul Davis, National Advodcacy Coordinator, Housing Works

The ACHA bill is slated to be voted on next week. It will pass unless 2 Senate Republicans vote “no”. We are pretty close to losing it all- and pretty close to winning. Please take more actions than you thought possible this week and next!

Quick update:

  • Senate AHCA bill went to the CBO Friday night. The score may be released as early as Monday (the 26th), and move to the floor as early as Tuesday (the 27th).
  • Because it is a reconciliation process and a privileged bill, there will only be 20 hours (basically a day and a half) of debate. During this time, Congress members can add amendments and try to gum up the works. However, leadership can (and will) pull the plug once they’ve ruled that the amendments are just an obstruction airy tactic.
  • It is unclear when McConnell needs to release the score, and there is no definite requirement / deadline.

What do we know so far?

  • Despite Senate GOP critiques of the House Bill, the Senate Bill is essentially the same – even more than 80%.
  • States are allowed to waive benefits
  • They will argue they’ve protected pre-existing conditions, but this is not the case
  • They will have a “fix” for the age tax (back to ACA structure of 3x instead of 5x)
  • Medicaid
    • Deeper cuts over the long run than House bill
    • Offering phase-out of expansion (up to 7 years but it will still be gone).
    • Regarding putting caps in place – the growth rate would be the same until 2025, but after 2025 would cut more deeply than the House.
    • Some (Ds or liberals) will argue that we can come back from this. That is inaccurate. If they vote this bill, they will have virtually ended Medicaid as we know it.


Forget about calling +only+ your senators.

  1. Call ALL of the 12 listed below. A lot. Activate everyone you know. Call the health aides in the senate offices, not just the front desks.
  2. Then organize actions if you’re close enough and get in the press!

And if you can’t hit all 12, then prioritize these 8. Phone #s, staff names and contact emails are below, along with a calling guide to make our calls count.

-Cassidy (LA)

-Collins (ME)

-Murkowski (AK)

-Heller (NV)

-Portman (OH)

-Cotton (AR)

-Flake *and* McCain (AZ). (These two in particular should understand how this bill is bad for veterans).

We can’t stop now — the Senate is running out of time and rushing *hard* to close before June 30. We have to keep at it, and be even more effective.

Legislative Assistant Helen Heiden • • 202 224 4521

ARKANSAS: Sen. Thomas Cotton (R)
Abigail Welborn, Legislative Assistant • • 202-224-2353

ALABAMA: Sen. Luther Strange (R)
Legislative Assistant Nick Moore • • 202-224-4124

ALASKA: Sen. Murkowski, (R) 
HELP Cmte Legislative • 202 224 6665
Legislative • 202 224 6665

COLORADO: Sen. Cory Gardner (R)
Legislative Director Curtis Swager • • 202-224-5941
Ali Toal, Legislative Assistant • • 202-224-5941

LOUISIANA: Sen. Bill Cassidy (R)
Senior Health Policy Adviser Matt Gallivan * • 202-224-5824
Research Analyst Davis Mills • • 202-224-5824

MAINE: Sen. Susan Collins (R)
Legislative Assistant Elizabeth Allen • • 202 224 2523

OHIO: Sen. Rob Portman (R)
Legislative Assistant Sarah Schmidt • • 202-224-3353

NEVADA: Sen Dean Heller (R)
Legislative Assistant Rachel Green • • 202 224 6244

TENNESSEE: Sen. Lamar Alexander (R)
David Cleary, Chief of Staff • • 202-224-4944
HELP Committee health staff Mary-Sumpter Lapinski • • (202) 224-6770

WEST VIRGINIA: Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R)
Legislative Assistant Dana Richter • • 202-224-6472
Legislative Correspondent Mike Fischer • • (202) 228-1395

WISCONSIN: Sen. Ronald Johnson (R)
Legislative Director Sean Riley • • 202-224-5323

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