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Essex Rising: Response to Charlottesville

Essex Rising stringently condemns all forms of violence and hatred. The incident that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend was a symptom of an underlying white-supremacist scourge that has plagued our country since its founding. Today, we see the appointed President of the United States not only openly endorsing that scourge, but encouraging it. We must not allow forces of hate and evil to divide us.

We call on all of our elected officials to stand up against groups that advocate for the oppression of others. National issues affect the people in our town and we call on our local leaders to stand up for people in our communities who are targeted because of their race and/or national origin. Further, our elected officials must be able to empathize with or at least comprehend targeted and oppressed groups and be willing to speak out and lead on behalf of ALL of their constituents.

Essex Rising Newsletter Launch

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Essex Rising Weekly Update

Essex Rising was recently honored with awards in recognition of our impact in promoting democratic values in the wake of #45’s election. On May 12th, Essex Rising was one of two honorees at the West Orange Democratic Committee “Spring-to-it Brunch”, at Essex House. Essex Rising co-founder Elizabeth Redwine, accepting the award from Sal M.


Essex Rising Gets Ally Award

On Sunday, June 11th Essex Rising graciously accepted the West Orange Rainbow Coalition Ally Award at the first annual LGTBQ pride event in West Orange, NJ.

ER Participates in Medicare-For-All Rally

Essex Rising represented at the Medicare-For-All Rally on June 4th. Essex Rising and Our Revolution – Bergen County – Bergen County staged a Die-In that coordinated with national Die-Ins all over the US: Dying for Care – National Die In. According to attendee Lisa Brittan there were “great speakers, including three candidates for NJ Governor who all support Healthcare as a Human Right, Improved Medicare for all ( John Wisniewski, Kaper-Dale For Governor, Mark Zinna and activist orator Larry Hamm, and Margaret Flowers MD from Health Over Profit for Everyone – HOPE).”



For information on four of the Democratic candidates check out this very useful chart created by Essex Rising: Let_s Talk About the Candidates (1)!

Provocative Discussions About Race

The second of theProvocative Discussion featured diversity speaker and consultant David E. Jones tackling how to build inclusive communities. The group was engaged and left feeling motivated to “be the voice not the echo.” Additional sessions are being planned and will be announced soon!

Additional resources can be found here.



Essex Rising Honored by the West Orange Democratic Committee

The West Orange County Democratic Committee honored the work and community involvement of this group and recognized the values that we insist our representatives uphold. Elizabeth Redwine spoke, making clear that our 1,000+ members appreciate the recognition by the Committee, that we value the service of our elected officials and of the local Democratic Party, and that we insist on pushing forward the progressive values described in our principles.

She spoke about our collective commitment to our values and listed a huge number of programs and events that you all have put on in just the last few months, including your work on issues confronting immigrants, working to form relationships with other progressive groups in Essex County, opposing the Congressman in the 11th District, advocating for fair and welcoming policies/sanctuary city status and policies at various levels of government, supporting our teachers, registering voters, writing letters, speaking with our local officials about issues that matter, and all the rest.

Thank you all so much. What started as a simple walk through the neighborhood to show unity and to strengthen our community in the shadow of last fall’s election continues to grow and evolve. I am so impressed and inspired by your work and your commitment. We are being noticed and we are having an impact. Congratulations, everyone. Keep going!

~Jonathan Redwine