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House Leadership- A Better Way

I got an email from our congressman and they announcement a new economic plan in Congress called The Better Way. For the full outline of the plan, go hereThe central elements of the Better Way agenda, according to our Congressman, are:

  • More financial independence and no more bailouts.Reward people who work hard and do the right thing, and put an end to bailouts.
  • More affordable and reliable energy. Connect our energy boom to consumers, responsibly produce more of our own resources, and end needless delays that hold up jobs and projects.
  • More choices for workers and students. Make it easier for people to excel in schools and workplaces, and rip up the red tape that gets in their way.
  • Real Internet innovation. Establish clear and consumer-friendly rules that prevent the FCC from making up regulations as it goes along.
  • A crack down on lawsuit abuse. Improve protections for consumers and small businesses.